Voice of the Customer: 21 interviews in 2 months
My Process: Directed Discovery
Old Form Designer
New Form Designer
Approve the workflow
Once a form is submitted and a workflow is created, users can then approve, reject, or send back submissions.
Users can now visually build a form. They have their gadgets to the left of the form and the edits can happen inline.
Users had tremondous difficulty in creating basic forms. Visually creating the form was not possible.
App Builder
Below is my case study on creating the Kuali App Builder. Customers can build their own apps within an app.
Read the Case Study
Prototype Demo
The team knew that there were some major problems with the current form builder, an integral part to the overall experience of App Builder. I lead the team in doing over 20 interviews in 2 months. The results of the voice of the customer interviews allowed us to see how much they struggled with the current solution. We could do better.
The biggest problem with the old designer is the inability to visually build the form.
Building the form was difficult. The gadgets were hidden behind pop-up modals.
Building the form was difficult. The gadgets were hidden behind pop-up modals.
In order to view any changes made to the form, you would have to click on ‘preview’ to see them.  
Create a hierarchy
In order for workflow to work, the admin has to create a hierarchy for the organization.
Create a dashboard
App Builder is very complex. This screen shows how an admin creates a dashboard to be used in the app.
Manage Users and Groups
An Admin would create users and then assign roles to that user. They could also build groups.
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