Working with the client in Mexico City, Mexico.
Creating a mobile app prototype in one week. A love story.
Getting Started
About Working
Building Viva’s first mobile app.
Research, Analyze, Synthesize
Prototype, Test,
Our team at Navitaire was excited to work with our client, Viva Areobus, on their new mobile app. Viva was dedicated to creating a great user experience for this application, and they flew us down to run a Google Sprint with them for one week in Mexico City.
My Role
Lead UX/UI Designer. I introduced, led, and facilitated the design sprint. Part of the Google Sprint is to allow the team to collaborate on the UX solutions. Then we vote on which solution is the best. I created all of the high-fidelity screens. I set-up and completed the user testing and set-up the test tasks for the users. I did everything you see in these photos and screens, except for the Viva logo and Viva branding.
Process Framework - the Double Diamond
I use this double diamond framework to help clients create a mental model of a product-mindset. I believe that design is never done, and we are constantly learning from our solution hypothesis. I believe the best way to design a product is to analyze the problem, create a solution, test it with real users, and iterate.
The Problem
Coming up with many solutions
We wanted to solve a large UX problem for Viva’s customers. How can we reduce the amount of steps to book a flight?
Identifying the key actors was our first step. Then we walked the actors through a whiteboard experience map showing each step of their journey through the booking process. Once we were all aligned to that experience, we picked the main spot we wanted to focus on for this week.
As a team, we all provided our own solutions to the problems the user would face as they went through the booking process. Once all the solutions were up, we decided which ones to actually design and put into a prototype. I used Invision and Airplay to allow the users to test the solution. We had five users that had flown on Viva before. The users were not part of the company. They all provided great feedback.
Getting the feedback from user-testing and then iterating
Screenshots from the prototype
After our first round of user-testing, which we did with the whole team, we then created an action list of all the items we wanted to update in the designs. Each person that was watching the users go through the prototype application I designed in Invision would write down anything they saw or heard that needed to be addressed. Once those items were all collected, we did a quick vote to see which items we wanted to move to the top of the list. This became our work plan for our next iteration.
I have designed hundreds of screens for this project. With multiple rounds of user-testing in Mexico City, and in Salt Lake City. Every time I design a new feature flow, we test it with users before we start development. This has helped us save tons of time in development, because we catch many usability problems early before having to waste development resources.
Coming Soon!
We have gotten great feedback from our beta testers. The mobile app prototype we built in one week has gone through many iterations. We continue to iterate on the experience. The app will launch soon in both the Apple Store and on Google Play.
The Viva Mobile application is ready for you to book your trip. You can download the application with the links below.